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January 17, 2017
Project results
February 22, 2017


Innovative didactic
Improving students' communication skills and to be protagonists in the learning process
Driving behaviour
Improving students' awareness about rules
If I were an emotion..
Guiding students in recognizing emotions and related causes
Support students in being more motivated at school
Wellbeing at school
This activity uses the innovative methodology of the digital storytelling for promoting sense of initiative
Flexibility fairy tales in a new guise
Supporting students with difficulties in managing their flexibility and adaptation inside a group of students.
Digital storytelling
This short pathway is aimed to improve career guidance actions and prevent ESL, to promote empowerment and active citizenship of young people
Time management
Familiarize youth with importance of organization, punctuality, fulfillment of obligations, responsibility towards themselves and others
Aim of the workshop is to support teambuilding in order to promote well-being at school / in their training
Teambuilding and anti bullying strategies
Aim of the workshop is to reduce the cases of bullying in order to promote well-being at school / in their training
Supporting students
Students will improve skills in the use of IT technology in learning process
Study Tecniques
Detect errors studying to improve the methods of study and the acquisition of patterns and techniques in the daily study.
Presentation of Professions
The youngsters get detailed information about their job profile, additional trainings and different possibilities to plan their career.
Personal development
Increase youngster´s self-perception, self-confidence, self empowerment and sozial competences.
Peer tutoring
Youngsters will develop the skills for welcoming new students and supporting them during the integration process
New learning methods
To support the general motivation and concentration of young people with special needs via new learning methods
Living Democracy
To develop the youngsters’ competence for an active participation in a democratic process
Learning techniques
Main objective is to familiarize students with the process of learning, factors affecting learning, methods and procedures
I choose my future
What is expected at the end of this lab is that young people increase their self awareness about their training and professional choices
E reading
Empowering student autonomy; promotion of ICTs through familiarization with electronic readers
Dependence on Internet
The workshop will define the concept of addiction, types of Internet addiction, symptoms that occur and the consequences
Conflict resolution
Promotion of a positive and open attitude to conflicts
Communication between peers
The youngsters will develop self – esteem, self-confidence and skills how to manage good relationships with peers in order to be accepted in society
Addictions among youngsters
The workshop is aimed at promoting personal development during the school path

Evaluation Forms


  1. Useful materials, thank you very much! Is there any teacher with experience in using Socrative?

  2. Anne Anne says:

    Dear Patrick, I saw your message and I want to leave you here my experience with Socrative: I used it twice in two different classrooms: it is a really interesting App, thanks to it your lessons will become more interactive and students will be more actively involved. I chose Socrative because of how easy it is to write assessments and upload images. When I used it to submit quizes to the students, they instantly gave answers and feedback directly to me in a clean and intuitive interface. I suggest you to use it with your students and you’ll see how the lessons will change in an incredible positive way! Let me know!

  3. Beatriz Beatriz says:

    Hello! I am Beatriz from Spain. I leave also another comment here just to let you know that I tried different workshops and it was always a success with my students! congratulations for the didactical materials 🙂

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