Short-term training event – 04-08 May 2015 Trieste, Italy

1st Transnational meeting – 15th&16th of December 2014 Gmunden – Austria
December 20, 2014
2nd Transnational meeting – 11th&12th of June 2015 Bastia – France
June 20, 2015

Short-term training event – 04-08 May 2015 Trieste, Italy


This training activity was crucial in order to let involved staff acquire specific information related to how to stimulate and re-motivate student at risk of ESL with the use of ICT tools. Teachers, trainers, educators and other professional dealing with youngsters should be conscious of the fact that they work with digital natives, young people who grow up with a mouse in their hand and a computer as their first window to the world – and that this is a critical factor in the development of actual scenarios for learning and as regards to educational content and methods.

The main focus of this training event was the “Homo Zappiens” theory; its author, professor Wim Veen, explained participants how to deal with this new generation, while Mr Michelini at the end let participants test some ICT tools.

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