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  • 10/07/2017Guidelines available!

    The project is almost over and partners are finishing the last main result: a document translated in all project languages that will sum up all the experiences collected during the project. Guidelines are meant to give professionals not only suggestions and detailed information about the project’s topic, but also specific tools, methods and examples to use with the youngsters. It includes also recommendations for decision makers who have to take on specific actions aimed at fighting early school leaving through new strategies and policies. If you are curious to read it, please go to "Project results" within Documents section!
  • 05/ 2017 Final Drop App Multiplier Event – Save the date!

    Save the date! 09 June 2017 in Pola, Croatia. Project partners will invite you to participate in the final event organized to share and promote all the results achieved in these three years of hard work. The event will therefore be an opportunity to know more about the innovative approaches to fight against early school leaving with digital tools. For more info about the event, please click here
  • 02/ 2017 Let's start with the Online Interaction!

    During these weeks, students and mentors will start to use the Online Interaction for the first time. Are you curious to try it? If you are a student of another school not directly participating in the project, you now have the opportunity to be part of our interactive portal: just write an email to: info@dropapp.eu and we will be happy to welcome you!
  • 01/ 2017 See our document sessions!

    We have finished the Document session in English where you can find all the documents produced by the partners. In this section you will find two pages: “Project results” in which you can find a final report, a collection of good practices useful to fight against ESL and a general report with all the results achieved by the partners. In the second page “Educational materials” you can find a series of materials with the description of some workshops you can organize in your school. Please take a look at “Documents” session of this website!
  • 15/11/ 2016 Next steps

    In addition to the meeting organized in Germany, the partners are now working on different aspects in order to reach the Drop-APP objectives. In particular, each partner is currently busy with the realization of video and with the construction of an interactive Online section. For further details, please see the relative sessions (Video and Online Interaction) of this website!
  • 15/ 09/ 2016 Next Meeting

    On the 1st – 2nd December 2016 all the project partners will meet again in Frechen (Germany) hosted by the CJD. The meeting will be the occasion to share all the produced materials and decide in detail the future steps and meetings.
  • 18/ 05/ 2016 Meeting in Italy

    The fourth project meeting took place in Cividale del Friuli (UD), Italy. Civiform welcomed all partners and present its activities through a tour into professional workshops, so partners had the opportunity to touch with their hand (and taste) what students practically do during their qualification courses. The first part of the meeting was devoted to the preparation of the multiplier event, foreseen for the following day. During the second part, after the event, partners presented and shared their work about Output n. 02 and took some decisions about the foreseen activities related to output n. 03.
  • 27/ 04/ 2016 Save the date

    Just few days before our first Multiplier Event.. SAVE THE DATE! 13 May 2016 in Udine, Italy. It will be a special opportunity to share the first results of our project and, furthermore, to promote a new approach to fight early school leaving based on the recognition of young people as "digital natives" (and the consequences that this entails on the learning processes and how they live the school context). The event will therefore be an occasion for presenting and sharing strategies and innovative approaches and reflections conducted by experts who can provide new insights to all those who work in educational and training contexts.
  • 25/ 11/ 2015Meeting in Spain

    Last meeting has just taken place (24 e 25 November) in Oviedo. Partners had the opportunity to compare and comment all the data collected through the survey, that had involved almost 1500 youngsters! IES Valle des Aller gave a very warm welcome to partners, and arranged two important meetings with local Authorities: the Municipality of Aller and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, Educational Innovation Service.
  • 07/ 2015 See our blog

    We present you through this blog our European project Erasmus + of Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices. In this ambitious project 6 Schools and Educational Associations will work together to reach our aims: Austria, Croatia, Germany, France, Itlay and Spain GO TO DROPAPP BLOG
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